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Kerved Media

Kerved Media aims to improve and develop new and existing platforms, aiding small businesses, as well as creating exciting social entrepreneurial ideas. Keep an eye on our news section to keep up to date with our newest projects, and below you can find out some information on a few of our projects.

Some of our Current Projects

Solar Panel Guide

Solar Panel Guide is your one stop destination for everything solar, from solar photovoltaic panels to power your home to solar thermal panels to keep it warm. We have three very simple aims with Solar Panel Guide; 1. Save consumers money on their solar panel installations, 2. Teach consumers everything they need to know about solar panels, 3. Reduce solar photovoltaic panel waste through recycling and reuse.

Solar panels cost significantly less than you may be thinking, and are still a very popular home improvement option, as not only do they provide you free heat and power, but they also increase the value of your property. There are also a number of government grants and initiatives that you can take advantage of, including the Renewable Heat Incentive for Solar Thermal Panels and the Feed-in Tariff scheme for Solar Photovoltaic Panels.

If you are looking for advice on solar panels, or a comprehensive compilation of tips on how to get great solar panels installed for an affordable price, head over to Solar Panel Guide. If you already have solar panels, and want to help us with our mission to ensure used solar panels do not end up in landfill, head over to our recycling page.

Skip Hire Services

Skip hire is on the rise in the UK, with a boom in property developments, affordable pricing and environmentally friendly recycling of more than 80% of all waste you put in a skip. To help consumers find a great deal on their skip hire, as well as ensuring you are well informed on everything you need to know, we have created Skip Hire Services. From saving money on your skip hire, to ensuring you choose the right size skip for your waste, skip hire services has all of the information you could possibly need to help you find and book a skip.

If you are looking for a trusted, insured and licensed skip hire company in your local area, we can help. With a database of leading skip hire firms, and competitive hire pricing, you are certain to find a great deal. Requesting a quote is simple, and only takes a few moments, and you will be able to compare prices and choose the best skip hire deal for you.

Whether you are a seasoned professional, who regularly hires skips of all sizes, or DIY novice who is looking to overhaul the back garden, Skip Hire Services can provide everything you need, from booking a professional, to choosing the correct size skip, and even tips on how to get the best possible skip hire price.

Asbestos Removalists

Asbestos Removalists

Asbestos was commonly used throughout the UK until it was banned in 1999. A majority of buildings built prior to the year 2000 have asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in some form or another. More than 3,000 products have been created using asbestos, many of which are used in the building and construction industry, including roof tiles, decorative ceiling textures and even water tanks.

Most people know that asbestos can be extremely dangerous, and even fatal, to your health. As such, when a suspected asbestos containing material is found, an asbestos survey is often necessary. The survey will help determine the type, amount and condition of the asbestos, as well as create a management plan. Asbestos can be either removed, encapsulated or even left in place, as long as it does not pose any risk to the building occupants.

Asbestos Removalists provide specialist asbestos removal services throughout the UK. Our contractors are UKAS approved, licensed and experienced professionals. We can provide all types of asbestos removals on any type of property, from small apartments right through to large hospitals and industrial factories. For all of your asbestos removal requirements, contact us for a great value quote.

As asbestos is extremely dangerous, we advise that you avoid DIY asbestos removals.

Block Paving and Driveways

Most homes in the UK have a driveway of some type or another. There are a number of great driveway services available throughout the UK, and Block Paving & Driveways provide high quality but affordable installations, cleaning and maintenance. With professional installers and the largest range of driveway options, you are sure to receive your ideal drive.

We can provide all types of driveways, from block paving to gravel drives. Our driveways are built to last, with a high attention to detail. The types of driveways we can provide include; tarmac driveways, gravel driveways, concrete driveways, pattern imprinted concrete driveways, resin driveways and crazy paving driveways.

To ensure the longevity of your driveway, it is important to regularly maintain and clean your drive. We provide professional maintenance and cleaning, using specialist tools and equipment to remove weeds, dirt and grim, without damaging your drive. We offer affordable pricing on our cleaning, repairing, sealing and re-sanding work.

For more information about our services, get in touch, request a quote or visit our website.

Block Paving and Driveways

Photographers 24/7

Photographers 24/7 is a revolutionary marketing tool for Professional Photographers, and enabling customers to easily and quickly find their ideal photographer, whatever the requirement. From the Perfect Wedding Photographer to Commercial Photography for your business, you can find the perfect photographer with Photographers 24/7. Find a great photo booth hire deal.

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Coming Soon:

An exciting new social project, aiming to aid charities and causes through the generosity of everyone’s favourite stars! Stay tune for developments.

Repair Compare

Repair Compare is an intuitive platform connecting mechanics with those needing a car service or smash repair throughout Australia. Repair Compare aims to build a network of trusted mechanics, as well as enabling a quick and easy method for obtaining quotes on automobile repairs and servicing.

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